Andrey Estrada

Andrey Estrada

UX/UI Designer

Started working at CEI America

Creating low/high fidelity wireframes, designing interactions and user task flows, designing responsive dashboards/user interfaces, creating and updating UI design pattern libraries, working with sprints and backlog planning.

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User Experience for Web Designers

This course teaches you how to apply simple UX design principles to your site to make it behave in the way that users want and expect.

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A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers

After reading the book you have a better idea of what is the value proposition of A/B testing and you feel ready to use insights from small tests to guide and inform your thinking about bigger changes.

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Google Analytics for Beginners

This course demonstrated me how to analyze basic audience, acquisition, and behavior reports, and set up goals and campaign tracking.

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UI is Communication

The concept behind UI is Communication is that a user interface is essentially a conversation between users and a product to perform tasks that achieve users’ goals.

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How Google Works

Great book, basically it’s about how to speed up your product development process without sacrificing quality and always thinking about the user first, even before the client.

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Don’t make me think

I found this book easy to read because the author gives you a friendly tour about the principles of usability and provides you useful information to design a better experience.

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Started working at Onliners

UX Designer & Fron-End Developer, focused on designing and developing websites.

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Started working at Evolve Media, LLC.

Web designer – Creating advertising projects across more than 40 lifestyle sites.

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Started working at Optimiza

Web designer – Developing and supervising web sites and projects.

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